A simple and classic tomato sauce, just 2 ingredients…

Whilst you can use any tin of whole tomatoes, you just can beat Italian tomatoes. They are rich in flavour & colour and make the best sauce. If you can get hold of Italian San Marzano tomatoes then even better.

The aim is to try and remove some of the water content as this can make your pizza soggy and increases the risk of it sticking to the peel when launching.

Step 1 – Remove the tomatoes from the tin leaving behind the sauce and place in a sieve over a large bowl.

Step 2 – Crush the tomatoes by hand and allow as much of the liquid to drain out as possible.

Step 3 – return the now crushed tomatoes to the tin with the sauce.

Step 4 – add a good pinch of salt, stir and taste. Add more salt if desired. Job done!!

Step 5 (optional) – if you prefer a smoother sauce, then use a hand blender and just give a few tiny little bursts.

Step 6 (optional) – if you find that you have a lot of drained liquid left over, you can put this in a sauce pan and reduce down until there is little liquid left and add this to the sauce once cooled. Add more salt to account for the additional sauce if necessary.


Store in the fridge for up to a few days. Freeze it if you want to store it for longer. Use a large ice cube tray if you want to portion it before freezing.


Its best to use sauce at room temperate so allow a couple of hours out of the fridge before making pizzas.

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